Love in the time of Hammock

As hints of fall start to peek through, I’ve started to think longingly about all the parts of summer and this summer in particular that I’m going to miss.

One thing stands out above the rest: our backyard hammock.

In some parts of the world, hammock time may carry on for most or all of the year.  But here in the Pacific Northwest, hammock time makes a limited appearance over a span of three or so months, if we’re lucky.

Although this is our third summer in this home, we didn’t quite hop the hammock train in time either of the previous summers. Truth be told, we didn’t have the right spot for it. And didn’t make the time for it. But this year, we made time and the perfect spot for it in the shade of two trees in our backyard.

I shared sweet moments in the hammock with both of my children there, together and separately.  And these moments were made even more precious by nature of how slowly time seemed to pass by.


sister’s serene hammock time.

The hammock is one of few vessels that slows you down while keeping you in motion.  Actually, it prevents you from going anywhere, which I think is kind of the point.

Life in general (and this summer was no exception) tends to be a pattern of moving from point A to point B then back to point A again, but it’s sure nice to linger in point A for a while and remember just how good that feels.


happy hammocking.

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