Counting blessings

Though I haven’t gotten into a regular blogging routine yet, and possibly never will, I was feeling badly the last few days that I hadn’t had time to write anything. In addition to not blogging, I’ve been not doing much of anything.

I have experienced persistent headaches and allergies from the time I was a teen. Recently, I saw an allergist for the first time and opted to start shot therapy earlier this month. I have since been deemed as “highly sensitive” to both my allergens and subsequently, the treatment itself. My weekly dose has already been reduced once and I’m wondering if I’m still not tolerating the process well.

At any rate, it can be very defeating to have ongoing/recurrent health issues. I feel like I miss out on so many opportunities and created missed opportunities for/with my family along the way.

My husband has gotten exceptionally good at reminding me that yes, it’s okay if I check out for awhile, and yes, it’s okay if we don’t make it downtown for that horse and buggy ride (are you sure??).

Yesterday, I got sister to slow down enough to watch White Christmas with me. During our cocoa/tea break, I was gifted with this timely message on my tea bag:


Once our movie and beverages were finished, I begrudgingly succumbed to my bed upstairs in hopes that some quiet would alleviate my discomfort.

It hadn’t been more than 10 minutes when a pair of little footsteps made their way up the staircase. It was sister, checking in on me. I could hear myself in the mimicked tone of her voice, saying things like “you poor thing” and “I’m sorry you don’t feel well”.

A few minutes later, she returned with something she said she knew would make me feel better.

Earlier that day, she’d received a gift from her aunt that my muddled brain had so eloquently described to her as a “picture holder”. My daughter had thus created a picture for me and placed the holder next to my bedside, assuring me that looking at it would help me calm down (we recently created a ‘calm down jar’ for her which is intended to serve this function).

I teared up at her small (yet grand) act of kindness.

It is too easy, for me at least, to focus on those missed opportunities and straight up misfires when it comes to trying to get it right as a parent.

But I’ve got to be getting something right when this four year old girl has already made some connections when it comes to feeling sympathy for others and offering comfort in response. She was on her way up to check on me a 3rd time when her daddy reminded her that mommy needed to get some rest.

Which reminds me: no matter the day, no matter the situation, I have no less blessings to count.


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