Rainbow Dreams

Today was the day my four (and a half, mom!) year old had been waiting for the last 3-4 weeks. This was when we started our latest positive reinforcement system: a sticker chart that once complete, would enable to get whatever she wanted.

Yes, I told my four year old she could get “whatever” she wanted- a potentially costly proposition.

She knew immediately what she wanted to work for, an item she’d see on a trip to the Dollar Tree with friends: rainbow hair. I didn’t know if she’d hold onto this idea the whole month long, but I’m beginning to think that my child is part elephant since she NEVER FORGETS.

So we went to that dollar tree and we got that rainbow hair. I had to bite my tongue and keep myself from talking her into another slightly less flamboyant option because who was I to crush her rainbow dreams?

Of course, we had to affix the rainbow streaks before we’d even left the parking lot. She beamed as she showed off her new ‘do to her dad and brother and even let me try it out later in the evening. I’m guessing the boys will get a turn eventually, too.

The price tag on this experiment ended up being all of one dollar. But watching my four (and don’t forget the half) year old’s enthusiasm and pride from start to finish was priceless. That’s the stuff rainbow dreams are made of.Image

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